Language Experience

  • Python (4 years experience)
  • Javascript (4 years experience)
  • Java (5 years experience)
  • Web Development (4 years experience)
  • Blockchain (<1 year experience),

Work Experience

  • I previously worked at Vinfolio as an Engineering Intern, where I work full-stack on the website services. I have worked here for the past two years and have learned to use the following technologies:
    • Languages: Java, JSP, Javascript, SQL, HTML, and XML
    • Software: IntelliJ, RazorSQL, Resin, and Apache-Ant


  • I attend Loyola Marymount University currently, where I am a Senior pursing my degree in Computer Science.
    • Particularly I have a strong interest in Python and Cybersecurity, and have recently been working with Blockchain.

Future Plans

  • After college I plan to work in cybersecurity, blockchain, system administration, and/or Python programming.
    • Currently I have been doing lots of research into Cryptocurrecy, and would be very interested in pursing a path to that role as well.