— I'm Jeremy Hitchcock, a Backend Developer.

I have always been drawn to building architecture and making things work fast and efficiently. I have a broad range of skills, from general backend using traditional REST architecture with JAVA, to more modern approaches using Python to build smaller applications through AWS Lambda and Databricks. I love building new projects from start to finish, and ensuring that they are are built to last with the most modern approaches, and take strong passion to reviving old architecture into the best practices of today.

What I do

Java, Python, JS, Node, APIs, NoSQL
AWS - Lambda, CloudFormation, S3, etc.

Music I'm always Listening to


Recent Work

Internal work for Edmunds involving matching and distance algorithms, developing and supporting the API Platform which augments and accelerates developing fast, scalable and resilient microservice APIs.

CEO of CryptoSym, a website that aimed to provide a safe environment for people to practice trading cryptocurrencies on an exchange in real-time. Users can begin by trading with any amount of money, ranging from $1 to $100,000. The website was aimed to be a learning tool for people who are unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency markets and want to practice with fake money. CryptoSym offered an initial tutorial on the real-world process of transferring money from your bank account to the exchange, creating a risk-free and informative environment for the users.

Participation in BCG Digital Ventures First dAppathon where over the course of 48 hours, developers broke into 20 teams, building the best decentralized Apps (dApps) using blockchain technology. With prizes totaling $10k and bragging rights of industry recognition. Our project was to build a complete financial system for hotels to utilize the anonymity of the blockchain network in order to provide guests with a faceless transaction and stay at hotels.