CryptoSym is a website that aims to provide a safe environment for people to practice trading cryptocurrencies on an exchange in real-time. Users can begin by trading with any amount of money, ranging from $1 to $100,000. This website is aimed to be a learning tool for people who are unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency markets and want to practice with fake money. CryptoSym will offer an initial tutorial on the real-world process of transferring money from your bank account to the exchange, creating a risk-free and informative environment for the user.

CryptoSym seeks to make investing in the cryptocurrency world easy to do with an engaging learning platform. There are very appealing opportunities in the coin markets, huge returns on investment changes to the tech world, and disrupts on how companies traditionally get funded. For our group, in particular, we all have experience with investing in the coin markets and know the in’s and out’s, as well as the difficulty of first starting out. There is currently no other platform that does this, and we see it as a great opportunity to create something we know of and are interested in, using the tools we have learned from our time at LMU.

Currently, our site is live at My responsibility for the project thus far has been heading the develpoment of the backend, in particularly managing the connection and environment in AWS.


The dAppathon was held August 25th-27th, at BCG Digital Ventures and DVolution, where they brought together some of the world’s most enterprising engineers to build the next wave of decentralized apps. My partner and I applied to compete in the tournament with hopes to expand and test our blockchain knowledge. Our application was accepted, and we were brought out to Manhattan Beach in Southern California to build for three days.

Our project idea was to build a blockchain based, fully automated hotel management system, allowing customers of the hotel to book anonymously and assuredly, and hotel managers to reduce labor/resource costs. The flow of work went as followed: introduction and welcome to the event, we brainstormed and decided an idea by Friday night. On Saturday we coded the backend the entire day while beginning to work on the front end.

While we did not win the tournament, we gained valuable knowledge about blockchain which ultimately inspired our senior project. It was a great experience, all the work can be found here.